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Aurora Masonry Craftsmanship building brick veneer

Aurora Masonry Craftsmanship is a premier brand in the masonry industry. Due to the high demand and high cost of home improvement and masonry services, we have modeled our business as an inclusive service provider of masonry services. Our team of professional masons is the best with all forms and disciplines of masonry, from building brick veneer to hardscaping.

​Masonry is a construction art form that has been used ever since people learned how to cut and manipulate the shape of stones. Creating wonderful structures from brick, stone, and cement has been a proven method of construction. Masonry is known for its structural integrity and in recent times, for its charm and stunning appeal. Many historic structures built by the hands of masons still continue to stand tall today.

Our team can work on any type of masonry, whether you need historical restoration, chimney repair, or installation of brick driveways, we got you covered. We can work with bricks, stone, concrete, and many other mediums and tools used in masonry. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and flexible. If you need any assistance with any project that requires a mason, You can contact us any time to schedule a free consultation and evaluation and we can get started with your project!​​

Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is one of the most popular forms of classic masonry. It is a technique that has been passed on from generations of skilled masons. Structures made with the use of bricks have an irresistible appeal that everyone appreciates. The enchanting aesthetic of brick-laden fixtures such as brick veneer, brick chimneys, and brick pillars are drawn from their intricate patterns.

​ Architecture created from brick masonry is among the toughest structures ever to be built. It is an ancient technique that has proven to be one of the best ways to create a structurally rigid construction with innate beauty.

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is one of the oldest forms of masonry. It can be traced back to the stone cutters of ancient times. This is a discipline that has proven to be among the best methods of construction. Many iconic buildings, cathedrals, and shelters are built by stonemasons. During medieval times, it was a prevalent and primary means of building the strongest structures. Castles, fortresses, and great monuments centuries-old built with stone masonry still stand in outstanding condition.

​ Today, the art of stone masonry is not only used to build sturdy structures but also to create yard decorations, grand walkways, and rustic walls. Our stonemasons can help you build whatever masonry you require.

No matter how many times I changed my mind, the contractors at Aurora Masonry Craftsmanship just rolled with it. They didn’t have a problem changing anything that I didn’t like and they were so easy to work with. This is why I would like to recommend their services to anyone in the area who needs a professional mason. – Sasha M.

Concrete Work

Our masonry contractors are highly proficient in the art of concrete masonry. It may not seem to be a grand material of construction due to its common use, but our masons can create spectacular structures that can be considered as pieces of art. The various techniques involved in creating amazing concrete structures require years of training and practice to execute properly. In the hands of an expert, this material flexibility really comes out, and many would not even expect that such projects can be done with the use of concrete. If you have a masonry project in mind that involves the use of concrete, we can help you make the most out of it.

Patios, Walkways, and Steps

The creation and installation of patios, walkways, and steps for your home can be done by using different disciplines of masonry. We can cover all your home improvement needs with the utilization of our expertise in masonry. Installing these types of fixtures for your home will greatly improve your property’s value and curbside appeal. If you have any unfinished projects that you would want us to continue, we would gladly do them for you. If you want to work from scratch, we can provide you with our ideas or work with your concepts. We can provide various materials for you to choose from and work with. Your projects will be in the hands of the best masons in the city. You can trust us to create the best hardscapes for your property.

My driveway looks splendid. We wanted something distinct but still would be durable and low maintenance. The stones are nice-looking, and they are aging very well, so I am impressed. – Samantha C.

Historical Restoration

Our world today is surrounded by various pieces of technology that innovate the world. These high-tech gadgets, tools, and even buildings always leave us amazed and stunned with what they can do. But there is something truly special and unique about relics and historical structures. It is a pivotal piece of time that now reminds us of how far we have come as a civilization. That is why it is important to keep these historical pieces alive. Aurora Masonry Craftsmanship offers historical restoration to help restore and maintain the quality and state of any historical architecture. We can make use of the original materials for the reconstruction of your project. You also have the option to choose from our list of sustainable masonry products for a more eco-friendly option. These can easily mimic the quality of the materials used in classical masonry construction.

Backyard Masonry

​Masonry plays a huge role in increasing the curbside appeal of your property and can be used to beautify your yard. You can supplement the aesthetics of your landscaping with masonry accents and decorative fixtures. You will leave everyone with a wonderful first impression of your property with even the simplest of masonry designs on your yard.

​We can install walkways, fountains, retaining walls, or anything you could imagine for you. We have a wide range of rocks, stones, and bricks to choose from. You could tell us how you want things to look and where they should be and we will have it done.

We’ve been nervous about hiring a historical restoration masonry contractor and put it off for several months. But after hearing all of the good reviews and seeing their work beforehand, we were confident they would do our home justice, and they most certainly did. – Thomas C.

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Every service that we provide will always be executed with the highest standards to produce the quality output you deserve. No other masonry service in Aurora, Colorado can come up to par with our excellence in service, competitive prices, and quality customer care. If you have any inquiries or questions, you may contact us! We offer free consultation and evaluation.