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Stone Masonry

Stone masonry construction done by stoneworkers from Aurora are among the most spectacular stone constructions that have been erected. Inspired by designs rooted in medieval architecture, our masons take cues from traditional methods combined with modern technology. The results are timeless pieces that are built with immense rigidity and lasting quality.

Similar to modern concrete work, stone masonry allows you to achieve a classic architectural look for building structures. Stonemasons can also cut stone to create home centerpieces and landscape decorations. Building shelter and walkways have been a lasting trend in stone masonry. These stone cutting projects can be traced back to the creation of the pyramids. Even in this era of computers and ever-advancing technology, stone masonry is still relevant due to being a proven method of creating rigid structures and its rustic appeal.

High-quality Stones and Tools

The age-old discipline of masonry now involves the use of state of the art equipment and the latest stone cutting tools. Though we know-how and can still choose to use traditional tools and methods, we want to let you know that we are equipped with the latest tools and practices in stone masonry. With regard to the materials we use, we offer only the best quality. All of which are eco-friendly and of outstanding quality.

You can make use of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic stones, these are what comprise our natural stone products. We also offer sustainable high-quality artificial stones; these types of stones are mainly made from granite with a mix of other rocks or sand. All of these can be purchased from us for affordable prices. We are one of the only masonry services with a wide variety of rocks and stones to choose from that can be acquired for highly competitive prices. No matter what your budget may be for your masonry project, you can find whatever you need with Aurora Masonry Craftsmanhip.

Choosing the Best Stone Masonry Service

Our professional masons will be more than willing to take on any stone working project for you. Any concepts that you have drafted or unfinished projects can be carefully done by our team. We will work in constant coordination to achieve your aesthetic vision and ideal stone construction. Our professionals can create simple stone tables and outdoor benches to complex pathway patterns and retaining walls. We can easily do this compared to other masonry services because our expert masons have decades of experience and the latest equipment under their disposal.

With the combination of our quality materials and expertise, there is no reason for you to look further for any masonry services. We provide prompt, reliable, and effective services to all of our customers. No matter how simple of a stone working project you would want us to deliver, we will give it the highest attention to detail the kind complex structures deserve. If you need to know more or avail of our services, you can contact us and we will offer free consultation and evaluation.